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Email Marketing

The ultimate in targeted marketing

Your email database is a priceless asset. We’ll treat it with the care it deserves, by helping you craft an email campaign that maximises clicks, minimises opt-outs and drives people to your website.

Our services include email marketing software, email templates, bulk email sending and email design. With our ExpressMail email marketing solution, you can instantly send electronic newsletters, EDM’s, product updates, news updates and hot offers to current and prospective clients. Even better, you’ll be able to check the results of your email marketing activity with our web-based reporting tool.

Great software is enhanced by great design. Our in-house team can provide proven templates and user-friendly email design that enhances your brand as well as the user’s experience.

If you want to make EDM work harder, we’ll make it happen.

  • Measurable


    Email marketing is marketing in real time. 96black adds rigour to your campaigns with measurable results, real time analytics and web-based reports. We’re conversant with Google Analytics and we know how to relate results back to your original strategy. As far as we’re concerned, the power of the Internet is its ability to deliver ROI – so don’t be afraid to tell us your targets and ask for results.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost effective

    Some people are mesmerised by the low cost of delivering email campaigns. That’s no bad thing, but it’s missing the point. The real benefit of email marketing comes when you combine the low cost of delivery with tangible results. To maximise ROI, you simply need three things: the right target audience, the right offer, and the right EDM execution. Get all three right, and you’ll have a cost-effective campaign.

  • Targeted


    Spam is a four-letter word. We don’t do it – and we don’t believe there’s a place for it any marketer’s toolkit. What we do offer instead is smart targeting. This starts with database management and extends to clever use of personalisation and tailoring of targeted offers to selected groups. It’s all about taking a strategic approach to email marketing.

  • Multifunctional


    Unleash the full power of email marketing when you integrate it with your online marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for help with brand building, cross selling or client acquisition, we can advise on some smart ways to achieve your goals with EDM. Email is a fantastic sales tool, but it can offer your business so much more.