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Search Engine Optimisation

Ensuring your brand gets found by all the right people

The vastness of the Internet is one of its greatest strengths. It’s also a huge challenge for you as a marketer. How can your brand possibly stand out from the crowd when customers rely on Google and other search engines to lead them by the nose?

The answer is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Instead of simply crossing your fingers and hoping your site has what it takes, we will build in the features that help deliver a high page ranking.

SEO uses an in-depth review of content and technology to ensure your site outranks its peer group. Smart analytics enable us to find the keywords and subject matter that trigger a search. Then it’s a case of ensuring your site is built and maintained to maximise relevant traffic.

We also offer SEO consulting services to drive web traffic to your completed site. These include link building and search engine submission as well as a range of other activities to increase exposure to your target audience.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost effective

    SEO is one of the most accountable uses of your marketing budget. Every dollar spent building and refining your site to make it more attractive to the search engines is a smart investment. 96black offers cost-effective SEO packages that are tailored to deliver ROI.

  • Fixed Cost

    Fixed cost

    We are happy to provide Search Engine Optimisation at a set cost. Whether you are building a new site from scratch or optimising an existing one, we will analyse your SEO requirements and present you with a proposal at a fixed cost. 96black has a great deal of experience building high-traffic sites, and an extensive knowledge of the tools and techniques involved.

  • Repeat Business

    Repeat business

    Creating high-traffic websites is part of our core business, so we budget for the cost of SEO up front and commit to delivering it down the line. When you optimise your site with 96black, there’s no cost for recurring business. For a marketer, it makes SEO even more of a no-brainer.

  • Credibility


    SEO does more than deliver cost-effective search results. Done right, it can support your brand building efforts and boost your credibility amongst customers. Trustworthiness comes from a well designed website that’s easy to use and packed with relevant content. That’s where we can help.