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Website Design and Development

Engineering a business advantage in your online world

96black builds every type of business website – from static sites that don’t change very often, to complex sites with frequently updated content via a CMS (Content Management System). We’re completely at home with eCommerce and we love designing websites that work on the latest smartphones and tablets.

Every 96black website is unique but they all share one essential feature: a razor-sharp focus on ROI.

We base all our website design and development on a sound digital strategy. This guides our design and project management approach, and ultimately means customers benefit from design that works for them.

A website designed by 96black will always look good, work well and meet the requirements of your business.

  • Strategic approach

    Strategic approach

    If you don’t know where you’re heading, any road is a good road. Taking the right one calls for smart strategic thinking. 96black takes a holistic approach to every digital project, consulting with clients and understanding their business drivers before offering a solution. Only when we have a handle on your business requirements will we suggest ways the Web can help you grow it. After all, there’s no point investing in SEO or PPC if it doesn’t lead to ROI.

  • Technical Implementation

    Technical Implementation

    Business smarts and cool design are no use without rock-solid development skills. The 96black team includes some of Auckland’s top technical developers, capable of delivering the code it takes to make a website sing. We’re experienced with multiple CMS as well as a wide range of digital solutions that many agencies would steer clear of, due to their complexity and technical challenges. The bottom line: we have the technical ability to deliver complex solutions

  • Specialists


    Unlike traditional design studios and advertising agencies, we’re 100% focused on the Web. This pays dividends for our clients because they find they’re working with specialists in their field. We’ve got our hands full with Internet marketing and online solutions, so we won’t be angling for your brand redesign work. We’re very happy to work alongside your other agencies but we won’t be trying to eat their lunch.

  • Design Focused

    Design Focused

    Design is the art of making things easy and attractive for humans to use. Do it well, and your customers will be lining up to get involved with your brand. 96black has a talented team of web designers who know how to make the most of the medium. We believe outstanding design is responsive design, and it has to be optimised for the Web. Want to see some examples? Check out our client work.